Ray J Spat on a Cop, Kicked Out a Patrol Car Window

Ray J was arrested at a Beverly Hills hotel Friday night when he got belligerent. That Kim & Kanye wedding must have really got to him.

The Beverly Hills PD says they were called to the hotel when someone said Ray J had inappropriately touched a woman at the bar. It probably went something like, “Hey, I’m Ray J. I was moderately famous once. You may remember my penis in Kim Kardashian.” *grabs butt*

Officers “found the contact was incidental” and Ray J agreed to leave. Except, not really. Ray J refused to comply and became unruly. He kicked out a cop car window after being taken into custody and, apparently, spat on a cop at one point.

If this guy wasn’t somewhat famous and in Beverly Hills, I’m pretty sure he would have had a mysterious broken arm and concussion by now. “Oh, how’d he get that?” Don’t know. Must have fallen down a few stairs or something.

Ray J was charged with vandalism, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and possibly being a jackass.

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