Reese Witherspoon Told Cara Delevingne to Take Those Videos Down?

Because Reese Witherspoon has an image to uphold and is still cultivating that Legally Blonde image, Lainey Gossip says those videos of Reese trying to pronounce Cara Delevingne’s last name were taken down from Instagram at the behest of someone whose name rhymes with Deese Hitherspoon.

You see, Reese is a good girl who would never use foul language such as “f**k”. She’s also hoping that video of her acting like a lunatic when her husband got arrested for DUI has been scrubbed from everyone’s collective consciousness. Now, if we could all go back to pretending Reese is still a bright-eyed innocent girl from the South and not a monster with the filthiest of mouths, that’d be great.

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