Rob Kardashian Didn’t Go to the Wedding Because Kim Said He Was Too Fat

Rob Kardashian, now doing his best impression of a penguin, booked a plane back to LA late Friday night before Kim’s wedding. According to TMZ, some family drama went down and he was running around in tears trying to find a seat. Presumably because of something that was said, not because he couldn’t find one that fit him.

A source tells X17 that there was an argument between Kim and Rob before lunch at friend/designer Valentino’s chateau. Kim wanted everything looking perfect with all the Jenner/Kardashians looking hot while walking out in Valentino couture but Rob was too fat and fat people ruin everything.

“Rob said he was sickened by Kim and Kanye’s display of wealth and clothes and beauty and called it ‘superficial bullsh*t’ but Kim was pissed that Rob hadn’t made an effort to drop any weight over the past few months. Rob basically thinks Kim cares about him only for his appearance and he said he’d ‘make life easier’ for her and just leave.”

“Rob booked his flight for Saturday morning and skipped the lunch at Valentino’s. He just doesn’t seem to feel comfortable or happy around his family at all. They’re all wrapped up in the same pretty world and he just doesn’t fit in.”

I’m shocked. Just. Shocked. You’re telling me the Kardashians value looks above everything else? My world has turned upside down. I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

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