Robin Thicke Threw a No Pants Party

Last we heard from Robin Thicke, he was trying to win Paula Patton back but apparently that’s not working so he’s given up and started banging groupies. A source tells Life & Style that Thicke invited 10 girls back to his shared house after a night out at 1Oak in West Hollywood. He declared it a no pants party, stripped down to his boxers and hooked up with half of them.

“Robin didn’t force anything, but he made it clear he wanted to have sex with everyone there. He was drunk and clearly enjoying himself,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style in the new issue — on newsstands now.

According to the insider, Robin declared it a “no-pants party” while pouring drinks for his guests, and stripped down to his boxer briefs.

“All of the girls were sitting on his bed; some of them were naked, and he asked each to kiss him on the lips,” another insider dishes to Life & Style.

“He kissed five of them in a row. Eventually most people left, but some stayed behind. It was all uncomfortable to watch.”

I must be doing something wrong because this never works for me. Every time I start a no pants party, they kick me out of the library. What’s up with that?

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