Site News: Oh, Hey, It’s a New Layout

Welcome to version 8 of The Blemish. If you haven’t noticed, a few things have changed. V8 is far from complete and I’ll be working on it bit by bit throughout the next few weeks/months but you should see some drastic improvements from the old layout right away. “Like what?,” you may ask with your arms folded.

  1. The site is responsive which means no more shitty, half-done mobile layout for Android or missing pages on iOS. You’ll get the full desktop experience on your mobile. Why should you care? Glad you asked, sourpuss. I made a kickass gallery viewer which should work on the phone. If it doesn’t, I’ll break down and cry.
  2. The gallery viewer! The new gallery viewer in posts has been improved. You can now view full screen and it has captions which means I’ll be able to make fun of famous people right in those photos. Sharing buttons will come later and hopefully a few more improvements. The main gallery viewer is still old school but that will be fixed up too.
  3. Featured posts are now in chronological order but they’re larger so you can still tell them apart.
  4. If you haven’t noticed, the WHAT section hasn’t been updated in a while. For those that like it, it actually never left. I’ve been putting it into the main stream of posts. But, now with the new chronological order, I’ll be back to labeling them as such.
  5. More sections: TV, Movies, Music. Hopefully those are pretty self-explanatory.
  6. There’s still a bug for videos where they aren’t responsive. That will be fixed.
  7. Did I mention you can browse this on the phone now? Holy crap, I finally moved into the year 2010.

Use the contact form for any bugs, suggestions or if you, you know, just want to talk.

To celebrate, here’s Ian Somerhalder at BloodyNightCon 4 Fan Event in Barcelona, Spain. He’s about as animated as I am right now.

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