South Korean Miranda Kerr Superfan Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like Her

Because this is what a totally sane person would do, South Korean model Hong Yuh Reum was so inspired by Miranda Kerr’s beauty that she went under the knife multiple times in an attempt to become the ultimate single white asian female.

She debuted her new face on the Japanese TV show¬†Alien Virus. She said about her surgeries, ‘It really struck me when I first saw [Kerr] in a magazine. She has a baby face but she’s very sexy. I knew I wanted to be like her!’

It was with that she decided to cut up her face. But don’t worry. She didn’t change everything about herself. ‘I didn’t do my forehead. I only did my eyes and nose. Besides that, I haven’t touched anything. I didn’t put anything in my cheeks and it’s all fat.’

That’s, uh, cool, I guess? So, is anybody going to tell her she looks nothing like Miranda Kerr or are we all afraid that’s going to send her off the deep end. Maybe we can soften the blow by telling her she does look like someone famous. An alternate universe Devon Aoki.

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7 years ago

she looks nothing like miranda kerr. You cant look like another race through surgery. It would really hard. But why is a korean woman trying to look like a white supermodel? Shouldnt she look up to an korean celeb or other asian celeb?

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