Stacy Keibler Is Happy for George Clooney

Remember when George Clooney and Stacy Keibler were dating? Stacy Keibler does. Faintly. In an attempt to give her a Jennifer Aniston complex, Us Weekly reported that Keibler was “irked” by Clooney’s plan to marry.

“When George and Stacy got together, he told her she would be the one he’d marry—and that they could have kids,” the insider tells Us of the former model, who dated Clooney, 52, for two years before their split in July 2013.

That might not be entirely true as another source tells E! she’s happy for the two.

“Stacy is focused on her life with Jared [Pobre] and enjoying her pregnancy,” a source exclusively tells me. “She wishes nothing but happiness for anyone she’s dated, including George.”

That thud you hear? Definitely not a pregnant Stacy Keibler punching her George Clooney body pillow crying, “How could you do this to me?!”

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7 years ago

She did her job and she got paid. No need to be sad.

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