Thandie Newton’s Son Was Born on the Bathroom Floor

During an interview with Today, Newton explained that she has never stepped foot in a hospital (what?) and that she gave birth at home on her bathroom floor.

“I had just associated hospital with being ill, and I felt beautiful and healthy and wonderful when I was pregnant, and being at home is the place I felt most relaxed and comfortable,” she said.

She used the same midwife to deliver all of her children, including the newest member of her family, 11-week-old Booker.

“So for me, it feels normal, but there was a time when everybody had their babies at home and it wasn’t such a big deal,” she said.

Sometimes I’m glad my parents aren’t celebrities so they can’t tell embarrassing stories about me on national tv. If my parents were famous like, say, Thandie Newton, I’d never hear the end of how I was born on the bathroom floor of my house. “Hey, bro. Shutup! They did it in the 1700s all the time.”

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