This Thigh Gap Video Is Controversial

Lifestyle website NOWNESS released a short titled The Magic Gap about the recent infatuation with thigh gaps. Starring Gigi Hadid, Chanel Iman, Alyssa Miller, and Elsa Hosk, the video is meant to “diffuse” the current obsession for thigh gaps.

It didn’t work because as soon as websites heard the words “thigh gap” they started foaming at the mouths. Rather than see this as a tribute to one type of beauty, they feigned outrage. “It fetishisizes a serious issue!,” “This glorifies an unrealistic standard!,” “This is #thinspo!,” they wrote. To which I say, “What the hell is #thinspo?!” Gawd, why can’t you just let me look at my hot chicks with thigh gaps without all this nagging? You’re just like my mother.

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