At Least 36 Hospitalized After Avicii Concert

At least 36 people were hospitalized after the Avicii concert in Boston Wednesday night after ingesting unknown substances (alcohol/drugs). In related news, at least 36 people have never heard of Dance Safe. Medical services declared a Phase 2 Mass Casualty Incident at one point as the incident involved more than 30 people. No deaths were reported.

Boston EMS deputy superintendent said many of the victims (ages ranging from 16 to 25) showed up already drunk. Another issue was how hot the arena was. Some of the concertgoers suffered from dehydration.

I have my own theory. Some guy was passing around bad drugs because he got super annoyed at everyone asking in the middle of each song, “Is this Levels?! This sounds like Levels?! I love Levels!!”

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Fred Peach
Fred Peach
7 years ago

Good ridenace

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