Brittny Gastineau’s Boyfriend Beat Her Up

The other day when Brittny Gastineau walked around Hollywood with a black eye, everyone was wondering how she got it. Or was that just me? Well, whatever. Sources say Brittny was at the London Hotel with Marquis Lewis, a famous street artist who goes by Retna.

He checked into the London Hotel a week ago Monday to recover from knee surgery. On Tuesday, Brittny came to visit which is when they got into a big argument. Maybe about the rumor of her hooking up with David Blaine which I’d be pretty pissed about. You couldn’t have slept with any magician besides that twat?

Anyway, the two got into it and there was a lot of swinging. Allegedly, both Retna and Brittny were injured. Retna had swelling of the face and eye along with injuries to his painting hand. You can see what happened to Brittny in pictures. Retna’s lawyer said he wasn’t the aggressor and that there’s no ill will. And, really, how else are you going to solve an argument? With words? Ha!

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9 years ago

Once you go black, you get the s**t beat out of you and may end up dead. Her dad must be SO proud!