Emily Ratajkowski Covers GQ

Emily Ratajkowski covers the new issue of GQ. You may remember her from the “Blurred Lines” video where she was dancing around naked. You know, that video that’s been replaying in your head for close to a year now. A few interesting topics of discussion that come up include:

The “Blurred Lines” video:

“I didn’t want to do it at first, but I talked to the director and I understood what it was.”

“I do like it. But if there’s one thing I’d request, it’s for people who see me out to not be, like, You’re the hottest bitch in this place. When it comes on in a bar, I run into the bathroom and hide.”

Mental note: do not call Emily Ratajkowski the hottest bitch in this place.

The Entourage movie:

“That show’s always been so funny to me. I’m playing myself, and they’ve got me in an Aston Martin. I drive a Nissan Versa and would never spend real money on a car, because I destroy things. So there’s this weird version of yourself. Hollywood fetishizing you and itself—this box within a box. There is winter in L.A., there is rain in L.A. But there is no rain on Entourage.”

She’s playing a fetishized version of herself. Hey, that’s cool with me.


“Generally, I just think there is a real lacking in men knowing how to hit on women. I have this whole running joke with someone: What Would Denzel Do? Like, you don’t think about how many days you should wait to call the girl—you just do it when you want. Fuckin’ Denzel. You do what you want, you know what you want.”

So if I want to hit on Emily Ratajkowski, I ask myself what Denzel Washington would do? *Rubs shaved head* *chuckles* Alright. Alright.


“Bars are bad. Generally, people don’t want to be embarrassing. But when there’s alcohol involved and group mentality, it can be a little weird. Guys will say, ‘You know who you look like…,’ and then word spreads. Or guys do this thing where they go, ‘I would love to take a picture of you for my friend.’ And then they get out their phone and their hand’s shaking, and I’m like, ‘You’re taking this for your friend? I thought you didn’t care.’ ”

Well, that’s the guy’s first mistake. Asking her for a photo. What he should have done is stealthily taken a photo of her and then giggled and ran away when she caught him doing it. Like a normal person.

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