Everyone’s Getting Hurt on the Set of ‘Hunger Games’

A source tells FOX411 that a bunch of actors have sustained injuries while filming Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Party 2 in Berlin and that it’s pandemonium on set. Michelle Forbes is the most recent victim having sprained her ankle and busted her knee. “She is recovering and seeing a specialist,” says an insider.

Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth may be walking around with a limp. Multiple outlets have reported that he injured his ankle on set leading to a lost production day.

“There is a lot of yelling and everyone is getting confused with scheduling and their shots,” the insider said. “Everyone just wants to get this done and get home. The actors have tremendous respect for Francis Lawrence (the director). He is really the glue holding this whole thing together.”

Hopefully these brave actors will pull through much like Gwyneth Paltrow did when reading mean tweets about herself. Sure, some days they can barely even make it to their catered lunches but they tough it out for you, the fans.

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