Here’s What Finding Out Your Son Is Alive From Nancy Grace Feels Like

12-year-old Charles Bothuell had been missing since June 14th. 11 days later his dad, Charles Bothuell IV, went on Nancy Grace’s show to get more people involved in the search for his missing kid. That’s when it happened. Nancy Grace relayed the news that his son had been found in his basement. His reaction and resulting inquiries from Nancy Grace were priceless. And maybe a little fake. “Did you check the basement?,” she asked patronizingly. You kind of want to punch Nancy Grace in the face at that point.

The boy was barricaded behind boxes and a five gallon drum. Police Chief James Craig believes it unlikely the boy built the drum/box fort himself. The kid “indicated he was hungry… I saw evidence there was food around where he was.” Craig says the townhouse was searched multiple times with a cadaver dog without finding evidence the boy was hiding. Investigators are uncertain the boy was in the basement the entire time.

“I didn’t know,” Botheull’s father, Charles Botheull IV, said about his son’s location after he was found Wednesday afternoon.

He called assertions that his wife, the boy’s stepmother, hid the child in the basement “absurd.”

“My wife wouldn’t do that,” he said.

Okay. Now back to that punching Nancy Grace in the face thing.

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