Keira Knightley Is Cheap

Keira Knightley lives off $50,000 a year despite a net worth of $50 million. She tells the July issue of Glamour, “I think living an expensive lifestyle means you can’t hang out with people who don’t live that lifestyle. It alienates you. Some of my best most hilarious times have been in the least luxurious places.”

Gwyneth Paltrow just gave Keira Knightley a confused look and asked, “Can’t hang out with people who don’t live that lifestyle? But isn’t that what you want?”

This isn’t the first time Knightley has talked about her thriftiness. In 2013, documents show she only paid herself $50,000 despite earning $2.5 million in film fees and commercial deals. Meanwhile, for her wedding, she wore a recycled wedding dress. A strapless Chanel frock (what do those words mean?!) she wore to a pre-Bafta party in 2008.

“It was my something old,” Knightley later explained. “And I liked not making a big deal about it. I just wanted to be in something I had had a great time in, something I would have a great time in again.

“It’s now got red wine spilled down the front,” she laughed. “It’s quite impressively splattered. But, hey, a good night is a good night and when a dress has had its time, maybe it’s had its time. I’m pretty sure I can get it out but, if I can’t, I’m happy with the memory of a good night and the story of how the dress got destroyed.”

She’s probably one of the smarter celebrities. If Lindsay Lohan had saved the money she made instead of blowing it on rent for fancy apartments, alcohol, cocaine and lawyer fees, she probably wouldn’t be the Hollywood equivalent of that crackfiend who’ll “suck yo dick fo a dolla.”

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