Kesha Nervous, Got a Tan

Kesha scored a role in ABC’s Rising Star but she seems pretty nervous about it as they haven’t seen or heard anything about the contestants.

“It’s terrifying,” Kesha tells Billboard, speaking both for herself and the competitors at the Los Angeles soundstage where “Rising Star” will be broadcast this summer.

Unlike other competition shows, decisions on which contestants advance rest almost entirely with the audience from the start. Kesha, Paisley and fellow “expert” Ludacris will each have a vote that counts for 7 percent of a performer’s total. Each act needs at least 70 percent audience approval during the performance of their song to move forward.

The show’s hook is a wall that separates performer from audience and rises only when 70 percent is hit. During the performance, the singer will see Facebook images of people who have voted for them; the audience sees the performer and a meter indicating the percentage of votes received.

This sounds unnecessarily convoluted. Like the Rube-Goldberg machine of game shows. Anyway, here’s Kesha dining out at Crossroads Kitchen in West Hollywood looking like an Oompa Loompa hooker.


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