Lea Michele Believes Her Boyfriend Is Just a Dating Coach

Lea Michele got pissed when she found out her new boyfriend Matthew Paetz is/was a gigolo. She ended up confronting him about it. It went… pretty well. Matthew must be the best damn liar in the world because he convinced her he was just a dating coach.

We’re told Matthew copped to going on a few dates with female clients … but told Lea he only did it as research — so he could understand what the gigolos go through and coach them through it.

This guy is good … ’cause we’re told Lea actually bought it, and Matt promised he’d never do it again.

I can’t wait to use that line. “No, sweety. My penis was in her for research. I wanted to learn how to make you feel good. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Sources say Matthew went on more than just a “few” dates as he was working as a gigolo for almost a year.

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