Miley Cyrus Got Robbed, Drunk on Private Jet

On Friday, two burglars broke into Miley Cyrus’ North Hollywood home and stole jewelry and her $100,000 Maserati. A man and woman, probably caught on security cameras, were seen scaling the fence and then going into the house and garage.

A celebrity’s luxury car is probably the dumbest thing to steal. You might as well spray paint “This is Miley’s car” all over it. About the only thing you can do with it is take a poop in the front seat and park it in front of her gate.

Miley didn’t seem too broken up about it though. She put up a few Instagram videos of her getting “turnt up” on her private jet. Must be nice to be rich.

Let’s play a game. Drunk, high or Miley Cyrus.

#ayturnup #pjnotinmypjs

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Fucking turn on the PJ ps no this isn't in FF

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wtfishappening #wukong

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Mark Dreher
7 years ago

She got robbed.

Not, “robbed, & drunk”.

No need to be insulting.

Mark Dreher
7 years ago

My Maserati
Goes 185.
I lost my license
And now I can’t drive.

Sorry Miley.

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