One of V. Stiviano’s Attackers Has Been Arrested

One of the two men who assaulted V. Stiviano outside a hotel has been arrested. 40-year-old Dominick Diorio has been charged with third-degree assault as a hate crime, assault, harassment and aggravated harassment. The second man has yet to be found.

The two recognized Stiviano from the whole Donald Sterling debacle. Diorio, in town celebrating his 40th, started arguing with Stiviano inside Revel restaurant. As Stiviano was getting into a cab, one of them punched her in the face calling her a fucking ni**er bitch. She was then punched again while the person yelled, “I am going to slaughter you.”

Bystanders came to her aid and beat up Diorio. Turns out Diorio and his friend are only able to win fights against women they outnumber 2:1. So brave. They took Diorio to the hospital not knowing he was involved in the attack. On Tuesday, he was put in a lineup and picked out by Stiviano.

The arrest comes the same day Stiviano released two photos of her injuries. One after the attack showing a reddened right cheek and another showing the bruise the next day.

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