Southwest Airlines Gets Another Comedian for a Flight Attendant

Looks like Southwest Airlines is where all the out of work comedians go to hone their act. On Tuesday, another flight attendant tried to perfect his routine during takeoff from San Francisco to Chicago.

Hilarious opening speech. I told him it was the most fun flight I ever took and thank you for going above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable and entertained. He threw a cocktail party 1/2 way through the flight as well. What a GEM he was! I will be removing any negative comments about this video. This flight attendant deserves praise and recognition!

The only time I had someone close to this guy was during an almost empty Southwest flight up to NorCal. Instead of getting up and passing around peanuts, they just threw them on the ground during takeoff and used gravity to do the work for them. I’m still not sure whether they were having fun or being really lazy.

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