The 911 Call From Hope Solo’s Crazy Rampage

If you haven’t heard, women’s US Soccer team goalie Hope Solo was arrested in Seattle late Friday following a domestic violence incident. Basically, she went apeshit on her sister and 17-year-old nephew who had to almost use a BB gun to defend himself.

It all went down during a family party at her sister’s house where she came in drunk and got wasted with her sister. Solo was “upset about the fact that her husband refused to take her to catch a flight because he was being a jerk.” Solo and her nephew eventually started talking about theatrical productions he’s been in and he started explaining how a good actor has to have an “athletic state of mind.” Solo told him he’d never be athletic because he was “too fat and overweight and crazy to ever be an athlete.” That lead to a fistfight.

The boy’s mother tried to pull Solo off but ended up being punched in the face. The nephew then broke a broom over Solo’s head and pointed to a BB gun to try and scare her into leaving. It didn’t work. Solo was in Hulk mode and kept “circling like a shark.”

Her sister and nephew had visible injuries (torn t-shirt, scratch  marks on arms, bleeding cut on ear) when police came. Solo was booked on two counts of domestic violence assault 4th degree. She’s since plead not guilty.

TMZ obtained the 911 call that was made during the attack. You can hear him saying, “Hope Solo is going psychotic. She’s fucking beating people up. We need help.”

I would have called the cops too. When breaking a broom over someone’s head doesn’t work, that’s when you know you’ve fucked up.

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