The Justin Bieber Propaganda Machine Has Begun

Justin Bieber said a lot of offensive things about black people on camera when he was 15. Those videos came out recently and now his people are trying to do damage control. Not only did he get baptized in a bathtub, his dad posted a minute-long video of Justin celebrating his 40th birthday at a private cottage with all his siblings. His dad, Jeremy, wrote, “I had an incredible weekend at a private cottage with my kids for my 40th birthday. Justin, Jazmyn and Jaxon are my life. I would be nothing without them. They make me a stronger person every single day.”

See? Justin isn’t the douchebag people make him out to be. He plays with his brother and sister. And don’t you see that black person there? He’s only partially in frame because we don’t want to blatantly try to make the point that he hangs out with black people so he can’t be racist. Is it working, guys?

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