Two Men Beat Up V. Stiviano

V. Stiviano, the gold digger who brought down Donald Sterling, was assaulted by two men while leaving a restaurant by the Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District with her sister and friends.

The men, who were around 5’7”, knew exactly who she was. They were said to have followed her, called her the N word along with some other slurs and punched her several times leaving the right side of her face red and swollen. Those men were so brave to 2 on 1 a girl.

“Other disgusting slurs were made against her. She was able to run away and several onlookers then began attempting to apprehend the two men.”

Stiviano didn’t immediately file a police report because “she had to get out of there.” Her lawyer said she’ll file a report on Monday.

This assault comes a day after TMZ posted a video of Stiviano making racial remarks much like Donald Sterling.

“I don’t understand black people. You give them a little bit of money, they don’t know what to do with it. “[Black people] just act crazy … they’re like, ‘Yo, I wanna put extra rims on top of my rims. And my rims are gonna turn around. I’m gonna call them spinners.'”

The footage was from a 2011 pilot about gold diggers. In it, she talks about finding a rich guy to settle down with aka The American Dream.

Stiviano may be a terrible person, but at least she’s got follow-through.

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