World’s Dumbest Muggers Steal Bike, Leave GoPro

May I present to you the world’s dumbest muggers. Malcolm Fox was riding his bike at Sir Lowry Pass in South Africa when a man flagged him down. He pointed a gun at him while two of his buddies jumped out of the bushes to help steal his bike and belongings. They took a long hard look at something mounted on his head but failed to take it on account of having no clue what it was.

They then went home and probably patted each other on the backs until one of them asked, “Hey, did that thing on his head have a lens by chance?” Well, it did because it was a GoPro which captured the entire incident along with their faces.

All three suspects have since been arrested on a charge of armed robbery. Two were arrested Sunday and one was arrested on Monday. The first suspect was arrested at his residence and a Luger was seized.

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