Zoe Kravitz Drank Clay to Lose 20 Pounds

When the most challenging thing you’ve done in your life is memorize words off a piece of paper, even the the most mundane accomplishment can seem like a big deal. Such is the case with Zoe Kravitz who lost 20 pounds for a movie role by drinking clay.

Kravitz plays an anorexic/bulimic character in The Road Within. She studied up and decided to lose the weight with vegetables and dirt purees. “I did a cleanse. I tried to do it the healthiest way as possible, even though it’s not healthy to do,” she said.

Any normal person would just get a finger twirled in the air for their troubles. But not Zoe, no. Look at the lengths this person will go through for their craft. She drinks dirt! Uh-mazing. Everyone. Give her a round of applause for this stunning achievement.

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