Another Shot Fired in the Bieber/Bloom Feud

Shots have been fired and lines have been drawn in the Justin Bieber/Orlando Bloom feud. In case you missed it, Orlando Bloom tried to punch Justin Bieber and everyone gave Bloom high fives, free shots and then all the girls blew him.

Since then, Bieber has been lobbing grenades on Instagram. First, he posted a photo of Miranda Kerr to sort of rub in his face the rumor that he might have slept with her while she and Bloom were married. He quickly took that down. Next, he posted a photo of a crying Orlando Bloom because showing a handsome man’s emotional side really turns off the ladies. Bieber’s really winning this war of attrition.

Celebrities have also begun choosing sides. By my estimation, according to this roundup from Us, it’s 11 – Bloom, 0 – Bieber, 5 -Neutral. Ouch.

Bloom has yet to respond to Bieber’s petty slams. Most likely because he’s too busy hanging out with chicks on yachts like he did today with Erica Packer.

Coincidentally enough, Erica Packer is the ex-wife of billionaire James Packer who Bloom’s wife is rumored to be dating. So it looks like Bloom is starring in his own sexy Vengeance Trilogy.

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