Casey Kasem’s Body Now Missing

I thought this would resolve itself over the weekend but turns out Casey Kasem’s body is still missing. According to the paper trail, Casey’s body was supposed to be at Urgel Bourgie funeral home in Montreal, Canada but when calls were made, the man in charge said no one was there by that name.

The discovery came about when Kerri Kasem went to a Tacoma funeral home to deliver a restraining order ordering his body not to be cremated before an autopsy could be performed.

Kasem’s wife of the past 34 years, Jean Kasem, filled out a death certificate dated July 15 listing an address in Jerusalem, Israel, according to a copy filed in Pierce County Superior Court. The document listed “removal from state” as the intended means of disposing the remains, the Urgel Bourgie funeral home in Montreal as the place of disposition, and July 14 as the date of disposition.

I’d like to think Casey Kasem came back to life just so he could throw his hands in the air in frustration and walk away from this insanity. He probably went to a field of daisies where he could decompose in peace.

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