Chris Martin No Longer a Vegetarian After Splitting With Paltrow

Chris Martin’s body has breathed a sigh of relief. Since his split with Gwyneth Paltrow, he doesn’t have to put up with her new age mumbo jumbo anymore. During an interview with BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Martin says he now knows the delight of a medium rare steak cooked in butter. Maybe he didn’t use those exact words but, man, now I’m hungry.

Martin told host Steve Wright that he’s not really a vegetarian anymore. “I was vegetarian for quite a long time and then for various reasons I changed. My daughter’s vegetarian since she was born, so I keep getting tempted to go back. I don’t eat very much meat.”

He then offers his views on eating meat saying he’ll only eat things he could kill. “I felt like you should only eat something that you’d be able to kill…You know, could you kill a fish? I wouldn’t like it, but I probably could, so I’ll eat the fish. But a giraffe…”

If this were me, the first thing I’d be doing after splitting from Gwyneth is devouring every type of meat I can get my hands on. Cow, pig, chickens, ostriches. An entire animal farm will be coursing through my veins. I’d be pooping out Noah’s Ark for two weeks.

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7 years ago

Why associate Chris’ decision to stop being vegetarian to Gwyneth. It could be interesting to know what is the proportion of people stop vegetarianism and revert to being carnivores. It seems to me that having a vegetarian diet when you like to eat meat may not be very easy. There are so many things to learn and I doubt that an individual could actually learn it all. Nonetheless, when it comes to weight loss the fact it can be linked to obesity or diabetes, make this subject a very important one. Knowing how to lose weight without going through extremely… Read more »

7 years ago

He also quit being a vagitarian.

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