Comic-Con Day 0: Waiting in Lines to Wait in Lines

Every year Comic-Con becomes more and more massive. This year is no different. The entire thing is one big clusterfuck. I’ll give them this though. They’ve improved upon their mistakes and have made it one really smooth clusterfuck.

Wednesday night is traditionally Preview Night. There’s no panels or autograph signings or any of that but those with 4 day passes are able to either watch a few sneak preview screenings or go in the convention center and buy Comic-Con exclusives before the regular badge plebs can get to them. It makes you feel real special. Like you’re Gwyneth Paltrow or something.

Since I have a 4 day, I took a quick walk around the floor for 10 minutes before I threw my hands in the air and gave up. There are people everywhere. Have you ever been to a concert? It’s sort of like that but these guys won’t start an impromptu mosh pit and start showing off their white pride tattoos. Imagine what Friday and Saturday will bring. Yea, hell on earth. But with costumes!

On a more serious note, drugstores in San Diego have yet to report a shortage of deodorant. That coupled with the 90 degree weather means the BO index will be at an all time high this year. Experts are asking attendees to carry a can of Febreze with them at all times. It’s recommended that if you’re standing next to a guy who reeks, to make eye contact with them while spraying their pits so that “they get the hint.”

Anyway, here are some photos I took of Wednesday. I’ll try to get more throughout the week without actually going inside. You can read practically any other site if you want to hear how funny it was when that one guy asked Jon Snow if he actually knew anything.

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7 years ago

The one picture featuring douches with a stroller looking lost is really something.

The Blemish
7 years ago
Reply to  Alex

Pretty much how everyone looks there.

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