Justin Bieber Doesn’t Want Selena Gomez to See the Ugly Girls He Hooked Up With

Per X17, Justin Bieber hollered (literally) at two girls walking on the street from his Cadillac Escalade and told them to come over. They did and then they went shopping at the Beverly Center. Well, technically. The trio split up so Bieber could shop in peace. The girls ended up waiting an hour back at Bieber’s ride for him to finish.

“Bieber definitely hooked up with these girls the night before, even though he could do way better, which might explain why he ignored them the entire time he was shopping and kept them waiting. He usually flaunts his flings in Selena’s face, but he was actually embarrassed about this and clearly trying to hide it.”

What doesn’t make sense is if he was so embarrassed, why did he call them over and ask them to go shopping? Whenever I’m ashamed of a girl I hooked up with, I avoid her part of town altogether for a solid 6 months. Like, “Oh, let’s drink there!” Hey, I have a better idea. Why not that other bar 45 minutes north of here? Yea, that place seems real cool! Let me put on this hat and fake mustache just in case. I mean, for fun!

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