Kanye West Says Celebrities are Treated Like Blacks Were in the 60s

I don’t know if you know this, but Kanye West feels persecuted because of his fame. West covers the latest issue of GQ and tells the magazine that being a celebrity is just like being a black person in the 60s. While talking about his 45-minute jerk-off session at his wedding, Kanye explained:

And what I talked about in it was the idea of celebrity, and celebrities being treated like blacks were in the ’60s, having no rights, and the fact that people can slander your name. I said that in the toast. And I had to say this in a position where I, from the art world, am marrying Kim. And how we’re going to fight to raise the respect level for celebrities so that my daughter can live a more normal life. She didn’t choose to be a celebrity. But she is. So I’m going to fight to make sure she has a better life.

Apart from the beatings, hangings, burning crosses, firehoses, racism, and poverty, this is all true. How right you are Kanye. Celebrities are just like blacks were in the 60s. The only differences are the man isn’t keeping them down, the segregation is voluntary, and the water being forcibly sprayed at them comes from a golden bidet in their multi-million dollar mansion.

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