Katie Cleary Will Get Nothing from Andrew Stern

Back in June, Andrew Stern committed suicide at a San Fernando Valley shooting range. Friend’s say his ex, Deal or No Deal model Katie Cleary, drove him to suicide by traipsing around town with Leonardo DiCaprio and, yikes, Adrian Grenier.

Andrew filed for divorce 2 months before his suicide. Katie says he was fine with what she was doing. This was clearly not the case.

Anyway, TMZ obtained a copy of Andrew’s will and discovered that Katie will get nothing. The will, signed in 2007, states that his parents are the sole beneficiaries of his $408,000 life savings.

Sources say Katie is convinced Andrew drafted a new version of the will after they were married and left her a big chunk of that money. However, she’s yet to find it. Don’t worry though. I’m sure it’ll turn up in a couple weeks and it’ll be written in crayon and all the e’s in the signature will be backwards.

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