Kendra Wilkinson Flushed Her Ring Down the Toilet

After finding out Hank Baskett is into chicks with dicks, Kendra Wilkinson did what any sensible woman would do. She got a sex change. Just kidding. She flushed her ring down the toilet.

At first, Kendra didn’t believe the rumors and laughed it off. However, when Hank didn’t deny any of it, Kendra got suspicious and started looking around. She saw an unexplained charge on her credit card and “flipped out.”

A source says Kendra punched the walls in her house, threw their 2009 wedding photos into the pool, and flushed her wedding ring down the crapper. “She was extremely angry,” reveals the source.

Oh, ya think? What gave it away because by the description you just gave, Mr./Ms. Source, she seemed to take the news with such poise and grace.

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