Nick Cannon to Play Richard Pryor in His Biopic, Maybe

According to hints by Nick Cannon, he’s beat out Michael B. Jordan, Eddie Murphy, and Marlon Wayans for the role of Richard Pryor in his biopic. If I have to tell you why having Mr. Carey play Richard Pryor is a terrible idea, then we can’t be friends. Seriously. *points to door*

Cannon said he’s been meeting with director Lee Daniels about the project and has been doing all sorts of things to get ready … like growing out his hair and taking up smoking. Nick even posted a photo on Instagram … a side-by-side of him and Pryor.

He’s growing his hair out and taking up smoking? Move aside, Christian Bale. Cannon is going so method he’s about to explode. Next thing you know, he’ll be wearing bowties. Bowties! *gasps*

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