Nicki Minaj Thinks There’s a Double Standard on Her Butt

Up top is the artwork Nicki Minaj released yesterday for her single “Anaconda”. It’s a picture of her ass cheeks inhaling a g-string. Apparently a few people thought this was untoward and told her as much. Now she’s firing back saying there’s a double standard on her ass.

To make her case, Nicki posted photos of swimsuit models Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen on Instagram with the caption “Acceptable” and then posted that picture of her ass with the caption “Unacceptable”.

Granted, we don’t know if critics also think the swimsuit pictures are unacceptable or not but that’s besides the point. Nicki Minaj has proven the social injustice and everyone better take a long hard look at themselves.

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