Orlando Bloom Tried to Punch Justin Bieber

Wednesday morning in Ibiza, Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber which he, unfortunately, ducked. Aw, dammit. *kicks can* The two were at Cipriani when they got into it. Their entourages pulled them apart.

Both are kind of pissy at each other for the other possibly hooking up with their respective exes. Rumors were flying when Bieber and Miranda Kerr got close at a 2012 Victoria’s Secret after-party. Earlier this year, Orlando Bloom was seen with Selena Gomez.

TMZ posted a video of the aftermath and you can hear Bieber saying, “What’s up, bitch!,” to Bloom.

After Bieber left, the crowd applauded because you would have done the same thing. Who hasn’t fantasized about punching Justin Bieber? That’s #2 on everyone’s bucket list.

Later in the day, Bieber posted a pic of Miranda Kerr on his Instagram which he quickly deleted. So, yea, shots fired. But I expect Bieber to roll deep with security now because far be it for him to settle his own fights. His fists are about as furious as two clouds colliding.

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