Robin Thicke Finally Got the Hint

He’s apologized in public, dedicated songs to her, he even penned an entire album for her, but Robin Thicke is finally throwing in the towel. His marriage with Paula Patton is officially over. The two have been separated since February when that picture of him grabbing a random girl’s ass came out. Paula has not once responded to his manipulative and borderline creepy attempts at winning her back. It took 6 months but it seems Thicke has finally realized, “hey, maybe these things I’m doing aren’t really working.”

Thicke listed his LA home on Monday and an attorney is already working on a financial settlement. Neither side has hired a divorce lawyer with Thicke saying if Paula wants a divorce, she has to be the one to file.

On the bright side, at least Thicke has his acting career to keep him occupied. Hahaha, oh god, he’s going to be so lonely.

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