‘The Big Bang Theory’ Wants a Raise

Actors from the awful, awful CBS show The Big Bang Theory are demanding pay raises. A report from Deadline Hollywood says they’re asking for $1 million per episode because they know idiots have been conditioned by their laugh track to laugh whenever it plays after their unfunny jokes.

Under their previous contract, Galecki, Parsons and Cuoco earned around $350,000 an episode in Season 7, with each owning 0.25 point of the series’ lucrative backend. Given the enormous success on Big Bang, a blockbuster network and off-network hit which some estimate could generate up to $3 billion for Warner Bros TV, Galecki, Parsons and Cuoco could go into Friends territory with new salaries in the neighborhood of $1 million per episode, plus a bigger piece of the backend.

This is a terrible show and I hope contract negotiations stall causing a rift between CBS and the actors thus forcing the show into cancellation. Have I mentioned how much I hate this show? Because I do. Big Bang Theory sucks more than Lindsay Lohan during a casting call.

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7 years ago

The show is amazing and funny as hell

Joe Fazek
Joe Fazek
7 years ago

Terrible show, it was sort of watchable in the first 3 seasons, but now it has just turned into FRIENDS.

7 years ago

Whether it’s good or bad – at least they are getting PAID while the network and producers are cleaning up. It kind of proves what a prick Lorne Michaels is considering none of the SNL cast members made a CENT from reruns or compilation DVD’s. AND he’s Canadian.

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