This Guy Snuck Into 50+ Music Festivals and Made a Movie About It

Marcus Harney, who shoots for HBO and creates music videos, went on a four year mission to sneak into as many festivals as he could. Since 2010, he’s managed to bs his way into over 50 festivals by pretending to be press, using fake wristbands and even climbing fences. Along the way he’s even made friends such as Mumford & Sons who asked him to go on tour with them. Now he’s made a movie about it called No Cameras Allowed.

Vice interviewed Harney to find out how this all came about and how exactly he did it. Marcus says it all started at Coachella 2010 where he had an amazing experience. After that, he hatched his plan. Asked which festivals he’s made it into, Marcus lists Coachella, Bonaroo, Glastonbury, Ultra, the Railroad Revival Tour and the Grammys.

In short, this guy is amazing. I can’t even movie hop without breaking into a sweat.

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