20 Years Later, ‘Full House’ May Be Coming Back

Because Hollywood is fresh out of ideas and in desperate need of more cocaine and Normcore is totally in right now, they may be planning on bringing back Full House. The entire cast is probably really excited… to be employed again. Per Variety:

While nothing is set in stone, there’s been talks at Warner Bros. Television about bringing back the sitcom, and some of its original cast, for a revival nearly 20 years after the long-running ABC show had its finale. Cast member John Stamos is reportedly at the head of the idea, along with original series creator Jeff Franklin and executive producer Bob Boyett.

It’s little wonder why Warner Bros. would want to bring back “Full House.” Nick at Nite reports that its primetime repeats of the show average 1.5 million viewers, pulling in fans that are too young to even remember (or weren’t even born during) the show’s original run from 1987 to 1995.

I know what Dave Coulier would sarcastically say about this. “Cut, it, out!” *cue laugh track*

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