Bas Rutten Stitched Himself Up, Might Be a Badass

Former MMA fighter and now MMA analyst, Bas Rutten, just released this video of him stitching himself up in the comfort of his own home.

Rutten explained that he had dropped a glass bottle which shattered and sent a piece through his pants leg and into his upper thigh. The resulting gash needed stitches, but rather than wait hours in the emergency room, he stitched it up himself with a simple needle and thread. As any man would do.

Shot by his daughter in 2008, the video shows Bas sticking a needle through his skin over and over until he closes up his wound. And it only took him a couple of minutes to do it. Sure, the stitches look like they were done by a 4-year-old learning to sew and it’d probably heal into a gnarly scar but it beats waiting in the ER for half a day.

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