Damn Nature, You Scary!

Here are two videos which serve as prime examples as to why I stay away from the ocean. First up is a whale messing with a sea lion. The video starts out with the sea lion hiding underneath a boat trying to get away from a killer whale tormenting it. They decide to drive the boat away because that sea lion isn’t going to learn anything if it doesn’t stand up for itself. About 30 seconds later, it gets tossed 20 feet into the air by the whale.

Next up is a video of a shark caught on a fishing line in Florida. As the people try to free it from the hook, a giant grouper comes and swallows the shark. It swallowed that freaking shark. The Discovery Channel has a week dedicated to these terrors of the ocean and a giant fish just comes and swallows it. Yea, I’m never going into the water again.

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