Gary Busey Made His Way Onto ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in Spectacular Fashion

Gary Busey made his entrance onto the 14th season of Celebrity Big Brother UK the only way Busey knew how. While images of him looking crazy played on big screens, Busey walked up to host Emma Willis to answer a few of her questions to the best of his ability before entering the house.

Confusion hit when Emma finally told him to make his way up the stairs and into the house. Instead of walking up, Busey kept on asking about the three questions Emma was supposed to ask him. Emma had to take his arm and guide him to the door while he kept on asking about the three questions. Willis explained to Celebrity Big Brother companion show Bit on the Side:

Speaking to presenter Rylan Clark, she began to come to Gary’s defence, saying: “I grew up watching Gary Busey films so obviously I was super super excited…”

At this point the crowd broke into a few giggles, but Emma continued with her speech, adding: “No – I still am super excited. What we have to remember is that he’s 70 and he’s really hard of hearing so things can obviously get a little tricky.

“And then there was the stairs scenario. I thought I was going in as well! But it’s live telly, you’ve got to improvise.”

Gary Busey has gone past self-parody and straight into senile old man. On the bright side, this is about the closest we can get to a reality show of Alzheimer patients living in a house together. A show I’d think would be pretty hilarious. The conversations would be amazing.

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