Here’s What the New Dr. Doom Looks Like

It felt like only just yesterday Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and that other dude were battling Dr. Droom in a terrible Fantastic Four movie. Chris Evans made everyone forget he was ever the Human Torch by playing a pretty decent Captain America while Jessica Alba made everyone forget she was Sue Storm by starring in a string of other terrible movies. Meanwhile, everyone forgave Chiklis for his part as Thing because they thought he went on to play Hank Schrader in Breaking Bad.

Anyway, for those that didn’t know, Fantastic Four is getting a reboot. Mostly because they need to keep the rights to the movie. It’s like keeping one of your kids around because you need the tax break. In any case, maybe someone somewhere will get excited that there’s some leaked shots of Dr. Doom. Yea, he’s standing in a green screen so his costume probably isn’t going to look exactly like that, but you can sort of make out his face armor which is wrapped in his cape which sort of makes him look like a Russian grandma at the supermarket. His new weakness is you interrupting his long anecdotes.

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