Jaycee Chan, Jackie Chan’s Son, Arrested in Chinese Celebrity Drug Bust

Jaycee Chan, son of the famous Jackie Chan, is in deep s**t. He was arrested in Beijing following a drug raid on Thursday. Jaycee along with Kai Ko, a 23-year-old Taiwanese actor, both tested positive for marijuana. Police later found more than 100 grams of weed after searching Jaycee’s apartment. According to the state-run China Daily, he could face three years in jail.

A video of Jaycee shows him telling police where his drugs were hidden. Meanwhile, Kai Ko was crying and apologizing as probably his PR rep told him to do.

“I very much regret about what happened. I’m very sorry to those who support me, like me or even know me personally,” he said. “I just want to tell them I’m really sorry. I’ve set the worst example, which had the most terrible influence. And this is a huge mistake.”

China is currently on an anti-drug campaign and probably targeted these two to make an example out of them. Whatever the case, this war on drugs is going to be terrible for famous people. If you’re a celebrity anywhere, you’re going to be doing a bunch of drugs. Telling them not to smoke weed or do coke is like telling Justin Bieber to stop being an asshat.

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