Jeff Goldblum and Wedding Party Run From a Dinosaur

Jeff Goldblum is a pretty cool guy who will run from an imaginary T-Rex at your wedding party if you ask him to. We found this out when Goldblum attended the nuptials of Pamela and Jesse Sargent in Toronto over the weekend.

When the groom suggested the picture, Goldblum actually agreed. Enthusiastically. He didn’t even have a sourpuss face on like a few actors would have. Says wedding photographer Adam Biesenthal via Reddit,

Truth be told, he was a very cool guy, who when the groom asked him to do this shot he enthusiastically agreed and as one commenter mentioned, was the only one who really got into character (aside from the one groomsman on the right). Everyone else kept smiling the whole time!

There are some actors who seem pretty down to earth like Jeff Goldblum. If this were Lindsay Lohan or a Kardashian, they’d ask for the $20,000 up front and exclusive first look rights.

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8 years ago

I like the story about how a Hollywood tour bus pulled up to announce that the patrons could see the universal studios on the left and on the right, “We have Jeff Goldblum”. And the tourists looked down to see Jeff driving his car and waving to them. ♥