Justin Bieber Does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Without Ice

If Justin Bieber wants people’s perception of him (that of a whiny douchebag) to change, then it would behoove him to not fake the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.

Bieber posted an Instagram video of him doing said challenge with what looks to be a bucket of plain old water. Not a bit of ice in sight. Could the ice have melted in the few seconds it took to fill the bucket? Sure, maybe. But this is Justin Bieber we’re talking about. He’s faker than Courtney Stodden’s tits.

I Nominate all the #BELIEBERS for the #alsicebucketchallenge

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Meanwhile, people like Phoenix Jones are turning the ice bucket challenge up a notch. Here he is dumping a bucket of ice over his head before getting tased into a pool of ice. Your move, Obama.

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rasheed spence
rasheed spence
7 years ago

Damn he did it though right? So why the bitching and complaining?

7 years ago
Reply to  rasheed spence

there’s no ice!!!

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