Justin Timberlake Took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge has raised $2.3 million for the national ALS Association since July 29. To do the challenge, you dump a bucket of ice over your head and then nominate someone else to do the same. It’s meant to bring awareness to ALS aka Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The latest celebrity to do it is Justin Timberlake who was nominated to take the challenge or donate $100 to the ALS Foundation. He did the challenge and donated even more.

Thanks ‪#‎PatrickDownes‬ & ‪#‎JessicaKensky‬ for nominating me and The Tennessee Kids. We now nominate The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Roots…You’ve got 24 hours to donate AT LEAST $100 or douse yourself with ice. (Or both. We did both…and then we donated a bunch more. It’s such a good cause.) To donate:

This sounds like a pretty cool challenge for a good cause. In fact, I’m filling a bucket with ice water right now so I can dump it on Justin Bieber’s head. Huh? What do you mean that’s not how this works?

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