JWoww’s Vagina All Busted Up After Birth

The birth of JWoww’s daughter really took a toll on her vagina. Now she doesn’t want to have sex for a year.

“My birth was god-awful,” the former Jersey Shore star admitted, explaining she was between epidurals and on her own in the delivery room with her partner Mathews when little Meilani decided to enter the world. “She walked out, she ran out! She took everything with her and I felt it all,” the new mom recalled. “It was the worst pain in the world. I’m so scared to get pregnant again.”

“My vagina’s back to normal,” she said frankly. “[But] it’s like virgin status. [Roger]’s like, ‘Come on!’ I’m like, ‘No, I was stitched, you’ve got to wait!'” she said, laughing.

“I haven’t even looked yet,” she added. “I’m not going to have sex for another year or two.”

Her vagina is probably suffering from PTSD from all that ripping and tearing. When something wants to go into or out of it, it just sits there and shivers like it’s having a bad flashback.

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