Lindsay Lohan Demanded to do the Ice Bucket Challenge in the Middle of a Club

With Speed-the-Plow opening soon, Lindsay Lohan made her way back to New York where she resumed acting like a spoiled brat. First, she probably felt no embarrassment at all when her card was refused at 1Oak after attempting to pay her $2,500 bill on Saturday.

Undeterred, she went to Up & Down on Monday where she stood in the middle of the venue and demanded to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with two champagne buckets. Fortunately, no one cared enough about Lindsay Lohan anymore to film it. It was probably her just standing in the middle of the dance floor soaking wet asking anyone around her for a towel and being ignored.

Then on Tuesday, Lindsay went back to 1Oak where she sat at a high-roller table and threw a hissy fit when they asked her to move because “the person who had a reservation for the table arrived.” How dare they move her for a paying customer. This is why I never go to New York. Too hoity-toity with their “reservations.”

However, Lindsay did find someone who would film her doing the ice bucket challenge. Jimmy Fallon. That guy will do anything.

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